Our Story

The three of us realized that we share the same passion for helping the underprivileged children. More often that not, our conversations have centered on the works we were doing to help such children in our community. We knew we wanted to do more, but more importantly, we yearned to provide a sustainable impact.

So how can we get more women like us involved in helping? We thought about the one thing most women have in common: a love for beautiful designer handbags. Thus, the idea behind Shop2Bless is to provide an online platform to sell donated bags and have all of its net proceeds be channeled into offering education for underprivilleged children. We understand that we are accountable to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, so we aim for financial transparency in regards to how and where the funds are being used.

Join us in our movement,, which will enable underprivileged children to pursue an education and a future full of potential.

Lucy Suyanto
Sintawati Halim
Susanna Hartawan